We hope you have a great time while in Hawaii.  Please remember to be safe especially when exploring Hawaii's oceans and beautiful landscapes.  The videos, links, and downloadable PDFs below provide helpful information on how to safely enjoy outdoor activities in Hawaii.  The Hawaii RODS Safety brief below is available in six different languages and is required training for all visiting ship personnel.  We hope you take the time to review the information before you explore the beauty Hawaii has to offer.


Avoid the use of cell phones while approaching areas of traffic and stay alive!  Please observe all traffic and pedestrian laws and be vigilant -- always check both directions before crossing a road and cross only when there is safe and adequate time between oncoming traffic.  RIMPAC is a busy time for the base and brings about a lot of traffic: vehicular and pedestrian.  Stay on the sidewalks and be aware of your surroundings at all times while enjoying your time here.  Drivers should also be aware of the increased pedestrian traffic and yield properly if the pedestrian has established themselves in the crosswalk. 


Links to Recreational Safety Information:

Hiking Safety Brochure
DLNR Health & Safety
Trail safety
Recent US Army Hiking Safety Article
Access Maps
Trail & Access System Website
State Park Hiking Trails
National Park Service Hiking Tips


Navy Region Hawaii Oahu Ocean Safety:


Hidden Beauty, Hidden Danger:


Hiking Safety Video:


Hawaii RODS Recreational Safety Information - Required training for Visit Ships.
(Six languages available):

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